Sunday, 10 January 2016


Velvoir_ 2015

Every now and again, there's a band that comes along and steals my heart. Well 2015 was no different, it was the year I discovered Velvoir. A four piece from Newcastle with a unique and distinctive sound all of their own. They blend a new psychedelic, groove/rock sound with titillating, racy lyrics, not for the faint hearted. Their lyrics are predominantly focused around sexuality, oppression and liberation, performed by captivating singer, Verity Jasmine Bee, whose vocals are not what you would expect, and the raunchy, gyrating moves all add to the mesmerising performance.

Then the music, wow! The drums lead the way, with tribal beats that have you swaying and nodding, until the beat becomes so frenzied, you can't possibly keep up with it. Adam Sams' guitar playing is a revelation. He makes a range of sounds that I have rarely heard from this instrument, which adds to their uniqueness. Then we have the bass which, for me, is usually the least interesting aspect of a band. Not in this case. I have never seen such sensual energy ooze from a bass, and every note played, can be heard perfectly.

As an onlooker it is hard to focus on just one member of the band, because each member is enthralling in their own way. All I can say is check out the EP, 'The Old World is Dying...Bring Out Your Dead', as you will not be disappointed. But more than anything, check out their Facebook page to find out where they are playing, because you really do not want to miss the boat with this band!

Monday, 29 June 2015

The Jackobins

Head of Steam, Newcastle

Friday and I was heading to Beyond the Walls event at the Head of Steam. The reason, Liverpool five piece The Jackobins. The band have been touring ahead of the release of their latest single, 'Waiting on the Sun'. They played familiar tracks such as The Otherside and Ghosts, from their last EP of the same name. The intimate crowd was dancing and cheering and really getting into it.

When they played the new single, I was blown away. The indie pop electro intro, was something new from them and it grabbed your attention immediately, causing toe tapping movements around the room. The chorus is so catchy you can sing along, even if you don't know the song.
As with all of their songs, every musical instrument, be it Veso's guitar or Marcs drums, has its place in the spotlight. I have been a fan for some time, but I have to say that their performance was phenomenal, Doms vocals, pitch perfect.

You can order the track from iTunes, but try and catch them live at one of their gigs. You can find the full list of dates on their Facebook page.

Monday, 20 October 2014


On Friday I took a trip to Pop Recs Ltd in Sunderland, (the record shop that Frankie & the Heartsrtrings run), to see a gig that had been organised at short notice. The band playing, Losers, I wasn't familiar with, but my hubby reckoned I'd probably like. When they took to the stage and started playing, I was absolutely gob smacked. Their sound was an electronic/indie explosion of thrashing drums and intricate, finger plucking guitar riffs, that took me completely by surprise. As I scanned the crowd, heads were bobbing and people were standing there mesmerised, me included.

At the end of the gig I was already signing up for cheap entry to the final gig of the tour, at the Cluny on Sunday. I frequent so many gigs and could not believe that I hadn't come across these guys before. I had spent the last couple of days familiarising myself with the album, '...And So We Shall Never Part', and already singing along to cracking, monumental, unforgettable tunes ' DNA', 'Azan' and 'Us vs Night'. The heady beat was intense and loud and the energy produced from singers Paul and Tom was intoxicating. The gig was possibly my favourite of the year, a comment I don't make easily and after soul searching for a band to fulfil the void left after my favourite band split, I felt I had finally reached the end of a long journey.

So do yourselves a favour, and check these guys out. Seriously, you won't be disappointed.

Monday, 13 October 2014

The Jackobins 'Ghosts' EP

The Jackobins have released their new EP, 'Ghosts', for which I have been waiting patiently. 'Prussia', the fourth track on the album is the track I very first heard from these guys, and I have to say, I've been hooked ever since. This revised version is such a strong track and ends the four track EP epically.

The first track - The Otherside, is a lively little number with a great piano intro, followed by a steady drum beat which leads into great vocals. Singer Dominic, has an impressive vocal range, swooping from high to low notes effortlessly.

Second track - She Always Says, is a great indie dance number. Notable guitar and drum beats glide along smoothly, complimenting sublime vocals. The chorus is robust and has you chirping along within seconds.

The third track, Ghosts, is the title track to the album and their latest single. The piano intro mixed with haunting drums, guitar and backing vocals is stunning. The subtle guitar riffs and drums blend with the softness of the vocals, exploding at the chorus and reminding the ears that this is a classic indie tune.

I really recommend this EP, and I can't wait to see the energy and stage presence that accompanies it. Please make the effort to see these guys play live, because you won't be disappointed.

Sunday, 31 August 2014

The Jackobins

I first heard 5 piece Liverpool band, The Jackobins about a year ago and they grabbed my attention. So when I found out they were playing a gig in Middlesbrough I was stoked. The support acts all finished, it was time for the Jackobins to take the stage. When you first hear them you could be forgiven for thinking, 'another indie/rock band'. But when singer Dominic Bassnett started to sing, I was mesmerised. With an amazing vocal range, jumping from baritone to soprano, and cracking guitar riffs blended with pounding drum beats, my ears were on the roller coaster of a lifetime. As I glanced around the room, it was obvious that they were making an impact on the crowd too.

I can't wait to see these guys play again soon and look forward to their new single. You can check them out on Soundcloud and Facebook.

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Puppet Rebellion

Well, the day had finally arrived and I was taking myself on a road trip to Leeds, to see Puppet Rebellion, a five piece from Manchester, who I was desperate to see live, as I was a big fan. Puppet Rebellion were 3rd on the bill and there was a decent enough crowd. Once the guys took to the stage the crowd moved forward, me right at the front and I was seriously buzzing.

They opened with 'Chemical Friends', the title track from their first EP of the same name. By the time they had reached their third song, 'Pirouette', from the second EP, No Means Yes, the audience, I noticed, were  really engaged. Singer Simon Monaghan, is such a charismatic frontman, who draws in the audience. After a small technical fault (Simon forgot the lyrics), forgivable as he had only written them that day,they played a new song, 'Chasing Fame', instantly recognisable as a Puppet Rebellion song, with the wonderful guitar riffs and noticeable bass that I associate with them. They finished with 'Greatest Lie Ever Told' and great cheers and applause from the crowd.

I was so thrilled at what I had seen, and on a real high. These guys had surpassed all of my expectations with their undeniable talent and live performance. Can't wait to see them again. To check them out head over to their Facebook page and give them 'Like', I promise you won't be disappointed.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

The Otherside

After finally gaining a new drummer and bassist, The Jackobins, a five piece form Merseyside are finally complete. Having successfully released their debut EP last year, to rave reviews, they felt it was time to get back to writing new material. New single, The Otherside, is due to be released on the 18th May. Its a very anthemic tune which takes you on a wonderfully heady vocal roller coaster. This toe tapping, shake everything you got tune is a must for any summer playlist.
Check out The Jackobins on Facebook and Twitter to find out where and when you can catch them live.